They took the Null Set! From beyond!

I had one of my occasional agile dreams last night.

Because we’re rewriting the product owner training, I needed an exercise to challenge the participants to create a truly innovative product.  (Remember, this is a dream.)

The challenge is this: something is poking through from beyond our dimensions, just like a finger descending from above into Flatland.  It has taken the “null set” from us.  The product challenge is to resolve this situation.

I told my wife this dream as we both woke up.  Sensible woman that she it, she responded “Alien from another dimension eh?  Have you tried communicating with them?  They’ve taken all your zeroes?”  I didn’t point out that zero and null aren’t the same, it didn’t seem to be the right moment.

This dream, of course, felt like it had taken up half the night, and was so important, I should have gotten out of bed and immediately updated our training material.  I didn’t, and perhaps this is an opportunity missed.

So, dear reader, if you have a solution for aliens from another dimension stealing your null set, an innovative solution mind, then please write in on a 3×5 card, attach it to a mint-condition R-series Bentley Continental Tourer Fastback and submit to your author through the usual channels.

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