Post-It Technique

Have you been trained in using Post-Its in meetings? No? Oh boy, this is going to be a moment for you!

  1. Optimize for READING not for writing. Don’t cram note with illegible scribble up in the corner. Keep it brief, write in CAPITALS with a marker, so someone else can read it from a few feet away.
  2. Peel the Post-It sideways off the block. This will have it stick flat to the surface! Flat! If you peel it the default way, upwards, the sticky strip will curl and be prone to both providing less sticky area attached to the surface, and the note will be raised away from the wall and more likely to be blown or knocked off. PEEL IT SIDEWAYS!
  3. Bonus: Turn the note block sideways before writing, so the sticky strip is down the side. Once it’s stuck to the surface it is much more likely to remain there. Who knew? Sideways is the trick.

You’re welcome!

(Nope, I’ve no affiliation with 3M, sadly. I should really, shouldn’t I?)

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